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BEST Locations for a NYC Engagement Session

Ok, when thinking of the best locations for a NYC engagement session, let’s be honest with ourselves…

IF you aren’t originally from New York and/or aren’t a current resident, what are the first landmarks that you think of when someone mentions the big city? If you said “The Empire State Building” or “The Statue of Liberty” YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! It’s hard enough narrowing down locations to visit while on vacation, nevertheless picking and choosing where you’ll be taking your engagement photos!

These are photographs that you’ll be looking back on for the rest of your life. This is also, in some cases, a HUGE vacation to a place that excites you or holds tremendous sentimental value to you and your partner. So, I think it’s safe to say that choosing the best places to actually take the photos is a big priority. If you’re looking to hit some fun spots that will leave your photos with an exciting “true to New York” feel, here are some of my personal best locations for a NYC engagement session:

1. The Flatiron Building

I figured that we begin with a more classic New York City icon! Known for its unique wedge shape, this gorgeous building exudes the feeling of an older New York City, giving it the potential for a more traditional, yet still a unique backdrop. Picture this incredible building behind you as bright yellow taxis roll along beside you and tell me that doesn’t scream NYC.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to add a little range to your session, keep in mind that The Flatiron Building is located right by Madison Square Park! The Flatiron District is a great location for some big city feels, but comes along with some history and a touch of nature.

2. The Brooklyn Bridge

To me, photos taken here feel almost majestic. This is yet another classic New York City staple, but focusses much less on the skyscrapers and taxi cabs, and more on a natural landmark within the city– The East River. The Gothic style towers and surrounding wire cables create a far moodier setting, and is the most captivating during Golden Hour when the browns in the stones seem brighter and the colors of the sunrise below cast gorgeous colors across the water.

3. Coney Island

SUCH a fun place to take photos around! The colors are BRILLIANT and the scenery gives a whimsical energy that is hard to find anywhere else in the city. I can’t think of a better place to get pictures as unique as these, while also having such a fun activity to take part in before, after, and even during our session. I am here to make sure we create something fun and enjoyable for YOU! Coney Island just makes it even easier.

4. The New York City Subway

Probably not what you expected me to say, huh? Well I sure mean it when I say that the subway can be an amazing place to have a session with a true urban feel to it. As you can see in some of the photographs below, the different lights and colors on the signs and trains create truly interesting pops of color. Plus, it’s easily accessible to wherever we are in the city!

5. … Really Any Architecture You Fall in Love With!

I promise this isn’t a cop out! I say “any architecture that you fall in love with” because just LOOK around you! So many of the buildings towering around us are literal works of art. If you find a spot during our session that has an interesting design, color, or feature that speaks to you, LET’S GO!! That’s the beauty of the city. The possibilities are endless and we can get creative. I am here to give you pointers and any advice that you want me to give, but don’t be afraid to make suggestions that speak to your style and personality. We’ll get the most beautiful and impactful shots that way and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

BONUS: With all of this sightseeing, you’re probably pretty hungry!

When you think of the classic New York City foods, lets be real… it’s all of the good stuff! My style during sessions is that I like to “fugeddaboudit” when it comes to all work and no play! So let’s live a little and actually experience this beautiful city with these classic NYC foods! 


Russ & Daughters – Believe it or not, this bagel shop is 107-year-old! If you’re a big fan of this breakfast staple, just know that after all this time, Russ & Daughters is consistently rated one of the best bagel shops in all of New York.

The Bagel Store – Ok, I included The Bagel Store because of the absolute hold this place has over Instagram with their rainbow bagels. Not only is the food good, but the pictures are adorable!


Lombardi’s – This is the VERY FIRST pizzeria in the United States! SO cool, right?? I fully understand that the $1 pizza slices throughout the city are tempting, but at Lombardi’s you’re guaranteed a delicious slice of NY Pizza and along with a quick history lesson.


Junior’s – Juniors is following the trend I have going of older restaurants around the city, having been in operation for 70 years. Although, their multiple locations are all different from each other, some modern, some more traditional, yet all provide the CUTEST photo-ops with their adorable interiors and stunning desserts.

The possibilities are endless! This is a city for dreamers, for sure. I am not only confident that your photos will be stunning, but that we’ll also have an amazing time making it happen! Just let me know when and we’ll book the tickets, my friend!

All my love,

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