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Top of the Rock Elopements in NYC

Listen, sometimes planning a huge wedding in your hometown isn’t what you’ve always dreamt of for the day that you marry your one true love. I’m here to remind you that that’s OKAY! In fact, for many couples, it’s a relief! Nowadays, the age old tradition of a “white wedding” with everyone and their mother in attendance isn’t the expectation. The only “expectation” for a soon-to-be married couple is to make their day just that– THEIRS! Whether it’s a big, traditional wedding in a house of worship, a destination wedding with your closest friends and family, or a Top of the Rock Elopement with your soulmate, it does not matter as long as it’s what truly brings you joy.

Speaking of Top of the Rock Elopements… please just take a second to imagine the iconic New York City skyline backed by a brilliant blue sky, the beaming sunshine, and your hearts full of excitement while you say “I do” to a lifetime with your best friend. Just the two of you on top of the world… or so it feels, anyway!

What is Top of the Rock, Estely??

The Top of the Rock is what’s known as the famous observatory on top of Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan. Located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, this stunning spot is smack dab in the middle of NYC. It proudly boasts a 360° view of all of the city and definitely delivers! If you are a true lover of the city, as well as a romantic looking for a pictures that are both elegant and breathtaking, I absolutely recommend keeping this location in mind.

Why take our photos here?

Ok, aside from the breathtaking view, this location has a few other selling points…

Firstly, just look at the possibilities for the lighting here! For instance, what mood are you looking for when it comes to your elopement photos? Are you looking for something moody? Something breathtakingly romantic? Or how about something cheery and exciting? Well, all of those possibilities can be achieved here depending on the time of the day and how the lighting looks in the sky. Angelina and Kahled’s photos below give off a cheery, ethereal mood because it’s very sunny outside. If we had waited until golden hour or even twilight, the photos would send completely different messages.

Another reason for having your session at Top of the Rock is because of the interesting architecture, captivating props/structures, and neutral color palette. All of these qualities combined make a canvas of possibilities for what we can create together. Again, this can give us more room to create the type of mood and aesthetic that you’re looking for!

And the last thing? Rockefeller Center is FUN!

What’s so fun about Rockefeller Center??

My guess is that if you’re eloping, you’re probably wanting your day to be experiential. Am I right? Well, aside from the obviously incredible once in a lifetime experience of *getting married*, you’ll also be surrounded by endless options of food, drinks, and activities! Yes, the observation deck is definitely the star of the show. This is a great thing, considering this is where you’ll be eloping! Although, Rockefeller Center is known for all kinds of breathtaking attractions.

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is one of the most famous venues in all of New York. When I say famous, I mean FAMOUS. If you choose to see a show here or attend a private booking, understand that many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, designers, and even royalty have done the same. It is even credited as the birthplace of the notorious “Cosmopolitan” cocktail!

Bar SixtyFive

Hungry or thirsty? Stop in at Bar SixtyFive, which is on the 65th floor (go figure) of Rockefeller Center, right next to The Rainbow Room! This location is currently known as the highest bar terrace in the city and has all kinds of incredible cocktails to try. Plus, if you aren’t done with the sightseeing, there is plenty of that here as well! All in all, if you find that you aren’t craving this type of food, The Rockefeller Center basically has an encyclopedia of other restaurants and food trucks to try! Don’t worry, you will never go hungry!

Radio City Music Hall

Come onnnn. No trip to The Rockefeller Center is complete without visiting the Radio City Music Hall! This is the home of the famous Radio City Rockettes, who are known for putting on the most breathtaking, synchronized shows. Know that is definitely a treat if you’re looking for some extra excitement!

If you were having any hesitations about eloping before, rest assured that this is your sign to go for it! This may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of your big day, but maybe that’s what makes it so interesting! Maybe taking the chance of getting out of your comfort zone is what makes for the best pictures after all?

If your heart is in it and you’re screaming “this is it” from the rooftops (*pun intended*), then get ready to turn on some Sinatra, because we’ll be singing “New York, New York” all the way to the Top of the Rock together, my friend! Cheers to taking your love to new heights!

All my love,

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