Golden Hour - St. Simons, GA Sunset Session -
Madison + Josiah Couple's Session in St. Simons Georgia



Golden Hour – St. Simons, GA Sunset Session

I don’t know what it is about Georgia beaches during sunset, but the skies overlooking the Atlantic always seem to show up like antique oil paintings. They are some of my favorite photos to take and edit! So, when Madison and Josiah asked to have their couple’s session over in St. Simons Island, I was preparing myself for ALL of the drama and beauty that is Golden Hour.

*Cue Kacey Musgraves*

Ok, but what even is “Golden Hour”? We’ve heard the term a million times, but why is it that everyone and their mom is rushing outdoors to get their pictures taken?

Well, because it’s much more than just an influencer’s favorite time of day. There are many technical reasons as to why photographers prefer to shoot during golden hours.

1. When is “Golden Hour”, exactly?

Well, the term “Golden Hour” is actually pretty misleading. There are two times in the day when this type of lighting occurs — the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. This is when the sun is very low in the sky, creating a soft, warm light.

Fun fact– it is also referred to as “magic hour” because of the way that the sun casts different vibrant colors across the horizon!

2. Okay… why is it so great?

Many reasons! Because the sun is so low in the sky, you don’t have bright light beaming down on you from above. Harsh light tends to wash colors right out of the image, making skin tones and beautiful, natural hues harder to capture… and it also makes photos waaaaay harder to edit. Direct overhead sunlight can also overexpose your photos, making it harder to capture details. So… again with the difficulty editing!

Instead, with this much softer lighting, these beautiful colors and details are much easier to capture. The natural, warm lighting evokes a sense of comfort and passion. The way the sun sits so low in the sky, gives room to play around with shadows and backlighting, creating a halo effect behind the subject of the image.

So needless to say, every single benefit of golden hour can make all the difference!

3. But how do I fit it all into such a short time frame?

Easy-peasy. You’re dealing with a Golden Hour lover, here. Not only do I have plenty of experience shooting during these times of day, but I prefer it and I come prepared! All it takes is a little planning and punctuality. Getting to location at least 30 minutes before we begin shooting is key to settling in and getting a game plan ready. I also have plenty of resources to send you before our shoots for you to feel more confident during our time together! Remember, I am here to serve YOU. I am here to be your friend, hype woman, unbiased opinion, and the list goes on.

BONUS: OK, if you need a little extra reassurance, I’ll fill you in on another amazing time to take photos — it’s called blue hour and it lasts for around 30 minutes after the sun sets and before the sun rises… so, lucky for us, just before and right after Golden Hour. It’s when the light has a dim blue glow to it, adding a much more moody feel to your already gorgeous photos.

Who knows, maybe we can dedicate a whole other blog post to that!

So now you know!

Let me tell you, Madison & Josiah knew, and boy did they deliver. I had a blast capturing the love that these two have in such a naturally beautiful Georgia landscape. It’s funny how couples pick the best spots that always seem to match their energy.

I’m so looking forward to seeing your love story unfold, Madison and Josiah. Love isn’t always easy, but what you two have, well…

it’s golden.

All my love,

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