This is about you and your story.

the experience

Maybe this is your first photoshoot EVER; Maybe you feel like you are going to be "Awkward" in-front of the camera.  Maybe your boyfriend is just not having it with having pictures taken.


Maybe you are used to this and it's starting to feel repetitive with what you are seeing on social media; Maybe you had a terrible experience having your photos taken.

Your feelings are valid &real! I've been there, I've said those things, and I promise you, you are not the first or only person who has felt this, but...

While I am giving you beautiful photos, that’s just not it for me. I won’t settle for that. I want you to feel seen, loved, valued & like you are the luckiest couple alive (which you are BTW) I am just here to remind you of all the above. 

My Approach? Pretty simple... just be you, I got the rest.

​I'm 100% confident you will leave your photoshoot not only with some bomb photos of you and your honey, you will feel like professional models by the end of it, but most importantly, you will leave with some fun memories of you and your partner during our time together! 

I always tell my couples, this will feel like a date, and I just happen to document the fun & laughter of your day. 

But let's be real... the way I achieve this level of comfort by the time you step foot to our shoot, is by first getting invested in getting to know you two.

I don’t believe in doing the same things during my sessions & weddings. You and your fiancé, are different from the couple down the road, and you deserve photos and an experience that shows that individuality and that you can look back and say, "YUP, that's soooo us"  

You are a human being. You carry memories and things that make you YOU. I want to get to know those. I want to get to fully know you and serve you in a way that fits yours needs and personality! 

Crazy about your partners eyes? Stare at them! Love your partner's butt? lets do some booty grabbing. Love wine or beer? Let's go to a brewery! Love the outdoors? Let's go on a hike. Lets do what and explore what you value as a couple, and if you don't know what that is, no worries, I have resources specifically for YOU to nail it down & have the most amazing engagement & wedding day. 

My heart is to serve you and be team #bride&groom however that looks for you.

You tell me what works and what doesn’t. Want me to take full control during your wedding day for family formals? I am on it. Want documentation of the day in a non- structured way? Got it! Want the best of both worlds? I gotchuuu honey!