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Why rebranding was the next step to serve my people well.

Hi friend! I am seriously so ecstatic that you are here and you are reading this. It means you are about to enter my biggest giveaway, which I am already rooting for YOU!!! Two because you are about to see the work of an entire team and months of prepping & thinking about how I could continue to serve you well as my business keeps growing.

But to those who are new, HI, my name is Estely Mijares, I’m a destination wedding & elopement photographer based in Atlanta GA. Get cozy, grab a glass of wine, and lets talk more!

Maybe you are asking yourself, “Why rebranding? Why a new website? What’s the big deal? or how does this serve me?” If I am honest, I asked myself those questions too, but here is the thing, every time I invest in this business, it goes back to you. But how? well, here are the 3 reasons why rebranding serves you. 

1. Transparency. You deserve to know the product & experience you will receive.

You deserve to know what you are signing up for. I want you to open my corner on the internet and feel like you belong and you found exactly what you were looking for. 

Have you ever been somewhere that sells a little bit of everything but is nowhere near as good as if you went to a specific store of what you are looking for? Let me rephrase that… Have you ever been to a brewery, but you were looking for a nice glass of wine? Well, I want to be the best glass of wine you’ve ever had.

2. Someone you can trust for your wedding planning process.

You deserve to know the person who will be walking alongside you throughout the whole wedding planning process & your wedding day! As you go through my website & platforms, I want you to feel like you know me before we start talking. You deserve to meet a friend who will have your back and who you feel you can invite & trust through this entire process. Not only a friend, but you deserve to have an expert on the field you can trust will step up and will have your back whenever you feel stuck. 

I hope you can enter this place and see: resources, tips, stories, and feel like you are equipped and ready to orchestrate your dream wedding day or elopement experience. 

3. This business & personal growth is thanks to you.

Lots of you have been with me since the beginning… From my old days of juggling college & my photography business on the weekend… to graduating and going full time to live this dream of mine to serve couples worldwide. 

Here is the thing, I’m not just growing by myself, nor is my business flourishing by itself. This is with you. We are in this together, we are growing together, and my business would be nowhere without you being a part of it. 

So this one is for you. As we grow, we change, and I hope you will continue on this exciting journey with me.

In conclusion…

Thank you, I hope you feel like this new brand & website will be nothing but a resource for you and that every time you come on in, you will leave loved, served, inspired, and better equipped to tackle your wedding day. 

Website Design & Branding: https://alisabethdesigns.com/

– Couples who value experiences over things and prefer to have a day filled with loved than perfectly placed hair.

– I am a destination wedding & elopement photographer that values exploring the world while storytelling my couples love stories.

– I put your wedding day & your love story first; ditch the culture, what people say, and what social media says. Lets create something unique to you & have a heck of a time!

I can’t wait to meet you…

  1. Zeba pirani says:

    Estely – I am so insanely happy for you! I remember coming into alpha xi and automatically feeling your warmth! You spread so much joy everywhere you go & I am very happy for you. I hope to win any give away because any chance to be photographed by you is a privilege

  2. Izabella Neal says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I love this! Your website is so funky and fun! 🙂 my favorite part is the little collages and details.

    I’d love to win the bridal adventure session SO BAD!

  3. Wow girl!! This is SOOO good. I am super duper proud of you. My favorite part about this website is how much it screams YOU and how personal it is. Super immersive! I’d loveeeeee to win because being photographed and learning from you is the VERY BEST OF THE BEST. 🤍🤍

  4. Jessica Snyder says:

    I freaking LOVE this!! The aesthetics of your website completely match your photography style! I would love to win the 50 percent off wedding photo/video session!

  5. Haley Volkmer says:

    This is amazing and so so so unique!! What I love most is how personal this is to you and it is so beautifully done!!

    I would LOVE to win an adventure session to be able to be photographed by you again but as a married couple 😉 because I’m obsessed with the pics I’ve gotten back so far!!!

  6. Sammi says:

    I’m aspiring to get on your level one day! You’re so beyond talented and this rebrand is absolutely gorgeous. Love the collages and layering elements The most id have to say! I also love how all the fun details really showcase your personality. You can really see the effort put in!

  7. Jamie says:

    Yes girl!!! Would love your Monday giveaway (even though we can’t meet in person) because I know you have a lot to offer in terms of education and mentorship!!

  8. Myky says:

    ESTELY!!!!! I am super stoked to see you rebrand and launch your new website! Seriously – just looking back around 4 years ago when we met in college and being lucky enough to be able to witness your growth from afar.. it makes me SO happy to see everything that you’ve put into your business!!!! This page truly represents who you are and I love the investment portion because it shows how much you care for your clients and how seriously you take your craft.

    I’d love the chance to win a couples session or really any session with you just to be able to get the entire experience!!

  9. Andrea Hunter says:

    Adore you and adore this new look for your brand!! Cannot wait to see all that is ahead for you🖤

  10. Michelle Tarus says:

    Hey girl!!! I LOVE your website!! It screams you, and I love the colors you choose! Buttttt my favorite part of your blog would have to be the “this is me” section! I’d have to say this is my favorite because it’s so you, when you photograph my boyfriend and I we felt so comfortable, you were able to make us laugh and have a good time! Not to mention you completely KILLED the photos!! Seriously you are like one of the best photographs I’ve ever encountered and I hope one day we can meet again and you can do our photos once more. I love how much you enjoy your career and how you truly love to capture such beautiful moments for people to have forever 🥺🥺 I love to see everything you create and I am so beyond excited for you and your new website!!!!!

    Honestly I’d be so grateful to win any of your giveaways!!! But if I had to choose my favorite I’d say the Wednesday giveaway, for 50% off. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!!!

  11. August Wolfe says:

    I stalk you on Insta regularly!! I would love more than anything for you to capture me and my NEW husband on an adventure session. We are big fans of wild, free and intimate sessions and your work is INCREDIBLE and totally our style🤍🤍🤍🤍

  12. Kaley A. says:

    Ahh your website is so cute!! I love all the fun little details and graphics that fit your cheery personality so well! Your work is incredible and this new website showcases it perfectly!

    I would love to win the 50% off or the adventure session! It would be an honor to be photographed by you!

  13. Anna Norman says:

    Love all of the textures and colors on your site! It really gives you a *feeling* of warmth and adventure. 🙂

    I would LOVE to do a couple’s adventure session with you or a mentor session! Either would be fantastic!

  14. Shanaya Patel says:

    Congrats on your big launch! I’m so excited to see your business grow. Even though our session was inturpted by rain working with you made it all worth it.

    I would love a chance to win the adventure session and the 50% off wedding photos

  15. Paige Turner says:

    WOOOOWW!!! girl this is amazing!! I love everything about this website 🤩 so easy to navigate and sooo chic, IN LOVE!! I would love to win the 50% off but would just be honored to win any giveaway and be photographed by you, you’re so amazing!! Seriously best photographer ever!!

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